The Rifle – Gary Paulsen

Now and then, with great rarity, there came a blending of steel and wood and brass and a man’s knowledge into one rifle, when it all came together just … exactly … right and a weapon of such beauty and accuracy was born that it might be actually worshiped.” (page 4-5) Continue reading “The Rifle – Gary Paulsen”

The Giver – Lois Lowry

Of course they needed to care. It was the meaning of everything.” (page 157) Continue reading “The Giver – Lois Lowry”

The Diary of Anne Frank (The Definitive Edition)

*NOTE: This is the Definitive Edition of Anne Frank’s diary. I have never read the common version which was originally published and heavily edited by Otto Frank. The older version cut out Anne’s hatred for her mother, negative comments about other Annex members, and Anne’s sexual thoughts/musings (which are almost pornographic) as she experienced puberty. The definitive version was first published in 1987 and has been banned from many schools.*

Paper has more patience than people.” (page 6) Continue reading “The Diary of Anne Frank (The Definitive Edition)”

A Monster Calls – Written By Patrick Ness, Inspired by an Idea From – Siobhan Dowd, Illustrations by – Jim Kay

Stories are wild creatures,the monster said.When you let them loose, who knows what havoc they might wreak?” (Page 51) Continue reading “A Monster Calls – Written By Patrick Ness, Inspired by an Idea From – Siobhan Dowd, Illustrations by – Jim Kay”

We Bought a Zoo – Benjamin Mee

As they held us in their icy glares, we were impressed. Eventually, one of these vast, muscular cats yawned, flashed those curved dagger canines, and looked away. We remained impressed.
We started back toward the house. The wolves began their eerie night chorus, accompanied by the sounds of owls – there were about fifteen on site – the odd screech of an eagle, and the nocturnal danger call of the vervet monkeys as we walked past their cage. This was what it was all about, we felt.
All we had to do now was work out what to do next. It had been an incredible journey to get there. A new beginning, it also marked the end of a long and tortuous road, involving our whole family.” (Page 3) Continue reading “We Bought a Zoo – Benjamin Mee”