Pre-Release Review of The Splintered Light – Ginger Johnson

The Splintered Light is scheduled to release on September 4th, 2018.

*DISCLAIMER – I was not asked by Ginger Johnson, or Bloomsbury Publishing to write a review for this book. I received this book for free while participating in my library’s summer reading program. All views expressed are mine (and I tried really hard not to give away spoilers).* Continue reading “Pre-Release Review of The Splintered Light – Ginger Johnson”

Why I Didn’t Finish: Ophelia – Lisa Klein

Remember that stupid, sappy love book I told you about?

I quit reading it. Continue reading “Why I Didn’t Finish: Ophelia – Lisa Klein”

The Passion of Dolssa – Julie Berry

She stood there in her blue robe, with a simple white cap over her dark hair. And even if I’m called a liar for it, I swear this is true: clouds over la mar parted, letting a beam of golden sunlight pierce through and illuminate the spot on which she stood. …
She was an angel in blue, halo and all.” (Page 248) Continue reading “The Passion of Dolssa – Julie Berry”

Hoot – Carl Hiaasen

Roy heard a short high-pitched coo-coo. Then, from across the lot came another…
“Wow,” Roy said, under his breath.
There, standing by the hole and peering curiously at one of the meatballs, was the smallest owl he had ever seen…
“Okay – now do you get it?”
“Yeah,” said Roy. “I get it”” (page 124) Continue reading “Hoot – Carl Hiaasen”