Inkheart – Cornelia Funke

Dustfinger inspected his reddened fingers and felt the taut skin. “He might tell me how my story ends,” he murmured.
Meggie looked at him in astonishment. “You mean you don’t know?”
Dustfinger smiled. Meggie still didn’t particularly like his smile. It seemed to appear only to hide something else. “What’s so unusual about that, princess?” he asked quietly. “Do you know how your story ends?”
Meggie had no answer for that.” (Page 243-244) Continue reading “Inkheart – Cornelia Funke”

Why I Didn’t Finish: Dinotopia Lost – Alan Dean Foster

“Come quick, Captain, Mr. Smiggens, you all come quick now!”
“Settle down, man.” Blackstrap wiped juice and seeds from his mouth. They lingered in his mustache. “What’s the trouble?”
The Malay was fairly hopping back the way he’d come, beckoning frantically. “You come see, Captain, sir, come see now!”
“What the devil is he on about?” Irritated, Blackstrap drew his cutlass. “Speak up man, or I’ll cut out your tongue!”
“We not only ones gathering fruit!”
“Natives?” Rising from where they’d been sitting or leaning, the other men were instantly alert.
“No natives, no natives.”…
Alone among the landing party, only Chin-lee, an escaped thief from Canton, was confident he knew.
“There be dragons here, Captain!”
Blackstrap turned a dubious gaze on the smaller man. “Dragons?”…
“Dragons.” Chin-lee was insistent. “But little ones.”” (page 48-50) Continue reading “Why I Didn’t Finish: Dinotopia Lost – Alan Dean Foster”

Why Didn’t They Ask Evans – Agatha Christie

“Isn’t it odd?” she said. “We seem, somehow, to have got in between the covers of a book. We’re in the middle of someone else’s story. It’s a frightfully queer feeling.”
“I know what you mean,” said Bobby. “There is something rather uncanny about it. I should call it a play rather than a book. It’s as though we’d walked on to the stage in the middle of the second act and we haven’t really got part in the play at all, but we have to pretend, and what makes it so frightfully hard is that we haven’t the faintest idea what the first act was about.”” (page 159) Continue reading “Why Didn’t They Ask Evans – Agatha Christie”

Why I Didn’t Finish: Ophelia – Lisa Klein

Remember that stupid, sappy love book I told you about?

I quit reading it. Continue reading “Why I Didn’t Finish: Ophelia – Lisa Klein”

Crooked House – Agatha Christie

I must have looked slightly startled, for she seemed amused, and explained by expanding to quotation. “‘And they all lived together in a little crooked house.’ That’s us.” (Page 4) Continue reading “Crooked House – Agatha Christie”