My Top Ten Books of All Time /My Last Blog Post

There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.
– Ray Bradbury Continue reading “My Top Ten Books of All Time /My Last Blog Post”

The Secret of Platform Thirteen – Eva Ibbotson

But in every city there are those who have not forgotten the old days or the old stories. The ghosts, for example … The people who plodged about in the sewers under the city and came up occasionally through the man holes beside the station, they knew … and so in their own way did the pigeons. They knew that the gump was still there and they knew where it led. By a long, misty and mysterious tunnel to a secret cove where a ship waited to take those who wished it to an island so beautiful that it took the breath away.” (page 3) Continue reading “The Secret of Platform Thirteen – Eva Ibbotson”