Race to the Bottom of the Sea – Lindsay Eagar

Merrick finished her sentence for her: “What could I possibly want from you?”
Before he could elaborate, he coughed, a string of violent hacks that made Fidelia’s throat tighten in sympathy.
Bloody Elle rushed to his side, holding out a canteen.
But Merrick waved it away. “It won’t make a difference,” he snapped, “and you know it.”
He collapsed in the armchair, panting. He coughed once more, just a tickle, then straightened, locking Fidelia’s gaze with his clashing eyes. “A treasure of mine fell into the sea,” he said, “and you’re going to get it back.”” (Page 86) Continue reading “Race to the Bottom of the Sea – Lindsay Eagar”

Hoot – Carl Hiaasen

Roy heard a short high-pitched coo-coo. Then, from across the lot came another…
“Wow,” Roy said, under his breath.
There, standing by the hole and peering curiously at one of the meatballs, was the smallest owl he had ever seen…
“Okay – now do you get it?”
“Yeah,” said Roy. “I get it”” (page 124) Continue reading “Hoot – Carl Hiaasen”