My Top Ten Books of All Time /My Last Blog Post

There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.
– Ray Bradbury Continue reading “My Top Ten Books of All Time /My Last Blog Post”

Cat’s Paw – Connie Willis

“Come, Bridlings,” Touffét said impatiently as soon as I arrived. “Go home and pack your bags. We’re going to Suffolk for a jolly country Christmas.”” (page 1) Continue reading “Cat’s Paw – Connie Willis”

Why I Didn’t Finish: Dinotopia Lost – Alan Dean Foster

“Come quick, Captain, Mr. Smiggens, you all come quick now!”
“Settle down, man.” Blackstrap wiped juice and seeds from his mouth. They lingered in his mustache. “What’s the trouble?”
The Malay was fairly hopping back the way he’d come, beckoning frantically. “You come see, Captain, sir, come see now!”
“What the devil is he on about?” Irritated, Blackstrap drew his cutlass. “Speak up man, or I’ll cut out your tongue!”
“We not only ones gathering fruit!”
“Natives?” Rising from where they’d been sitting or leaning, the other men were instantly alert.
“No natives, no natives.”…
Alone among the landing party, only Chin-lee, an escaped thief from Canton, was confident he knew.
“There be dragons here, Captain!”
Blackstrap turned a dubious gaze on the smaller man. “Dragons?”…
“Dragons.” Chin-lee was insistent. “But little ones.”” (page 48-50) Continue reading “Why I Didn’t Finish: Dinotopia Lost – Alan Dean Foster”

Dinotopia: A Land Apart From Time – James Gurney

Nearly a year has gone by since I first made the discovery. It was purely by chance. I was tracking down some information about the spice trade in China when my eye fell upon a curious old leather-bound sketchbook. The University library has hundreds of original manuscripts like it. They have all been catalogued, but few have been studied in detail.
At first it seemed to be just another sketchbook diary of a forgotten explorer. All the names were unfamiliar to me:
DINOTOPIA, by Arthur and Willian Denison,
Being the Account of our Adventures and Dis-
coveries on a Lost Island.” (Page 9) Continue reading “Dinotopia: A Land Apart From Time – James Gurney”

We Bought a Zoo – Benjamin Mee

As they held us in their icy glares, we were impressed. Eventually, one of these vast, muscular cats yawned, flashed those curved dagger canines, and looked away. We remained impressed.
We started back toward the house. The wolves began their eerie night chorus, accompanied by the sounds of owls – there were about fifteen on site – the odd screech of an eagle, and the nocturnal danger call of the vervet monkeys as we walked past their cage. This was what it was all about, we felt.
All we had to do now was work out what to do next. It had been an incredible journey to get there. A new beginning, it also marked the end of a long and tortuous road, involving our whole family.” (Page 3) Continue reading “We Bought a Zoo – Benjamin Mee”