I am Princess X – Cherie Priest – Illustrated by Kail Ciesemier

“We could call her … Princess X.”
“Why X?” Libby asked.
“Because X is the most mysterious letter,” May told her. “And things with X’s in them are pretty cool.”” (pages 3–4)


Libby and May have been friends since the fifth grade where they invented a comic book superhero named Princess X. The two girls spent years making the comic until one day Libby’s mom drives off a bridge with Libby in the backseat. A couple weeks later, Libby’s body is found washed up on shore, the bodies are buried, and everyone tells May that the case is closed. Three years later, May finds a sticker brazened with Princess X in her full royal, pink, samurai costume stuck to the bottom of a rundown shop window. With the help of Trick, the computer techie in her apartment building, May tries to discover who is behind this new Princess X comic – but someone doesn’t want her to.

I’m not sure what to say about this book. I loved the idea of May going on a quest to find the Four Keys that will lead her to the truth about what happened to Libby – but at the same time the quest was completely pointless. If a certain character had just talked with May instead of sending her off on these “quests” the book could have been cut in half. The action was cool, and before I started tearing this book apart for my review, I didn’t think about the uselessness of May’s adventures. But they are useless. So I can’t in good conscience, recommend this book to older readers unless you are willing to ignore blatant stupidity in the plot because Princess X’s sword is just so cool. (and it really is)
In defense of this book I will say that I enjoyed reading the Princess X comics once May discovers them online. I’m not a comic book fan but I’ve never read a book that used both words and comics to tell a story, and it was very interesting.

And of course, the most important thing of all is that there was no romance in this book. That fact alone adds a star to I am Princess X’s rating.

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Age Range: 11–14

Cautions – *Contains Slight Spoilers*
Violence: Although not graphic in any manner, the comic shows a shooting/car accident. A man has been murdered – but it is only spoken of. May and Trick almost get run down by a car. May is shot.
Sensuality: May and Trick accidently touch hands and they have a ten second awkward eye contact.
Profanity: Lots and a mention of how unhelpful Trick’s butt is at solving problems.
Other: Jackdaw is gay. Trick hacks into the school system and knocks down his ex-girlfriend’s grades. He also lies to his parents about his current situation with collage. May and Trick break into a demolition site. A girl is forcibly kept in a home for years.

Personal Rating: 2 out of 5 stars.
Cleanness Rating: 3 ½ out of 5 stars

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